When trying to send an email and it will not send, sometimes the can be due to the types of images that you have embedded within a CMS document. When trying to convert the document to PDF it may encounter an error that prevents the document from properly converting.

The following steps should be used to diagnose and resolve this issue:

1. Locate the CMS document and open it for editing

2. Attempt to export to the document, by selecting the File > Export As menu option in the top left. If this returns an error then you know the document is responsible for the email not sending.

3. Select each image one by one and cut it out of the document and then attempt to export it again, if it succeeds then you have found the problem image.

4. You can try the following techniques to fix the image:

  • Take a screenshot of the image and paste the screenshot into the document
  • Re-insert the source image
  • Cut and paste the same image

5. Once complete, try exporting the document again – if this works then save the document from the File menu.

6. Try resending the email with the updated document.

If you still have issues with the document – please contact support.

Article ID: 60, Created On: 12/17/2013, Modified: 12/17/2013