How to install Mozilla Firefox

1)      Open the following link in your browser:

2)      When the page comes up it should look like this. Click where it says ‘Free Download’ (circled in red). You may choose which version you’d like to use (British English, US English or South African English)

3)      A security warning will appear. Please click ‘Run’ (circled in red).

4)      After downloading the installation file another security warning will appear. Please click ‘Run’ (circled in red)

5)      The installation wizard will start. Please click ‘Next’ (circled in red).

6)      We suggest you select a Standard install and click ‘Next’ (circled in red).

7)      Please click ‘Install’ (circled in red).

8)      Please click ‘Finish’ (circled in red).

9)      Mozilla Firefox is now installed.

Article ID: 59, Created On: 11/8/2011, Modified: 11/8/2011