NOTE: Google Chrome is no longer supported by the document editor.

1)      Open the following link in your browser:

 2)      When the page comes up it should look like this. Click where it says ‘Download Google Chrome’ (circled in red)


3)      If you see a security warning like this please click ‘Yes’ (circled in red).


4)      When you have read the license agreement please click ‘Accept and install’ (circled in red).


5)      The following dialog should appear while Chrome starts installing.

6)      Another dialog will appear asking you to confirm installation. Please click ‘Run’ (circled in red).

7)      Chrome may ask you to select your preferred search engine. Please select one of the options.

8)      Google Chrome is now installed.


Article ID: 58, Created On: 11/8/2011, Modified: 9/16/2014