The Claims Management System is fully supported by the following browsers:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or better
  • Mozilla Firefox 4 or better

If you're not familiar with the differences between web browsers it may sound odd that only a few are supported by CMS.
The reason for this is that every browser performs differently and each has its own quirks and making the website work with any and every browser would be an almost impossible task.
Unfortunately there is no real standard for web browsers that is adhered to by all browser makers but there is a common set of features found within a few of the major ones and so we support those and we test our website to make sure it performs correctly for those browsers.

CMS does not currently support Apple products as iOS and OS 10.x cannot run our reporting feature.
If you run Firefox, Safari or Chrome on an Apple product you will be able to login and use CMS but you will not be able to create and send reports.

We recommend you use Mozilla Firefox because it is currently the best performing of the major web browsers.
If you prefer to use Microsoft Internet Explorer please use version 9 if you can as it will perform much better than version 8.

How do I change my browser?

There are other knowledge base documents available to help you with the process.

For help installing Mozilla Firefox please click here

For help with upgrading to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP please click here

For help with upgrading to Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 for Vista and Windows 7 please click here

Article ID: 55, Created On: 11/2/2011, Modified: 9/16/2014