How To: Create Document Templates

Create Document Templates

Creating Document Templates

Note: If you are using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers you may require an extension add on before you can view or edit documents.

The following steps are describe the different aspects of creating a new document template.
  1. Navigate to the Settings tab.
  2. Select the Document Templates button.

  3. Click Add New Templates in the top left.

  4. Once the new blank template has opened, select the Add Form Field icon in the top right.
  5. This will create a new form field which you can then edit in a variety of ways.

  6. Rick click on the new field, you should be able to see several options for controlling the behaviour of the field.

  7. The four main controls are;
    1. Interactive Field: which determines if the field can be interacted with.
      If selected, an unlinked field text will dissapear when selected, clearing the field for user input.
    2.   >>    >> 
      User inputting data into an interactive, non linked field.

    3. Editable Field: if the field's value can be edited.
      If selected, the user will be able to edit any automated values that are populated for the form.
    4. Deletable Field: if the field can be deleted.
      If it is selected, the use will be able to remove the field from the form.
    5. Required Field: if the field must be filled.
      If this is selected, the user will not be able to save the document until some data is entered into the field.
  8. A field may also have data assigned to it.
  9. To assign data to a field, right click on the field and navigate to Link to Data.
  10. Select the data type to be assigned.

  11. Selecting the appropriate data. This will link to the same data present in a claim (See images below).


  12. You can also edit the type of data allowed in the field.
  13. Right click on the field and navigate to Display Format.
  14. Select the format you would like the data to be inserted as. i.e. If number is selected the field will only allow numbers to be entered.

  15. To enter a description for the field and any additional information, right click on the field and navigate to Description or Instructions.
  16. Enter in a short description or instruction for use.

  17. After entering a description, if you right click on the field the description will show at the top of the menu.

  18. Once you have finished setting the field attributes you may edit the content around the field.
  19. You may also change the default field name by clicking on the field and entering the text you would like to appear.

  20. Once you have completed the form, select the save icon in the top left.

  21. A save dialog box will open alloing you to choose the save options.
  22. Enter the template name, document title, activity type related to that document and the tempalte group you wish the document to be stored under.
  23. You can also select the type of document, regular, invoice or supplier.
  24. Click save to save the template.

  25. To see the document template, navigate to the Document Templates page under the Settings tab.
  26. The new document should be saved in the templates table.

  27. To use or edit the document, see Adding a Document to an Activity.

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